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Prayer Upper Room Church in Uganda

By on Jul 4, 2014 in Testimonials | 0 comments

Julius Okech Pastor at Prayer Upper Room Church in Uganda Thank you for writing to me Pastor Carl, hope you are fine and the family members, we were so blessed by your visit with the team in our church, Prayer Upper Room Church, through your teachings many amazing things have continued to happen here at our church, people started practicing their faith for example we had very few people in church, we stood as a team in faith and started praying about God changing more people and bringing more souls in church, people have come and even as i write now they are still coming, we are expanding on our church due to limited space. This computer is a big blessing to the church, we are able to use it for different church programs, a member of the church decided to buy a modem for the church so as we are able to keep in touch, it is also a practice of faith to the member as he said God plays His part and He also wants us to play ours so by you donating a computer and him hearing about faith decided to donate a modem, we are able to write to you now. Using the word, standing it and commanding has helped many to focus unto the Lord and receive there healing many people are being set free from sicknesses and from the power of the enemy. Many break through taking place in people’s lives. Some church members just got new jobs in the companies through standing in faith and practicing the word of God by confessing upon themselves. People have received maximum rain and are preparing to harvest crops, we remain faithful to His word and He does the rest. We are trusting God to pay for all the remaining funds of the church land. Much blessing and praying for such an opportunity an again. Send our greetings to mama, family and all friends there. Looking upon God in Faith. Pastor Julius Okech Prayer Upper Room Church in...

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