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The Faith Line

By on Dec 8, 2014 in Carl Bohn | 0 comments

Today we talked about the “Faith Line” The Hebrews had just come up from Egypt and were on the east bank of the Jordan River looking into the “Promised Land.” Moses had sent in 12 spies to spy out the land; a land with houses they didn’t have to build, vineyards they didn’t have to plant everything ready for them to walk in and take over. Talk about a turnkey opportunity. Ten came back with an evil report stating they were as grasshoppers in the sight of the giants who occupied the land; that they (the Hebrews) weren’t a strong enough force to over take the giants. Only two, Joshua and Caleb came back with a good report encouraging the Hebrews to march in and take the land at once. The majority won – unfaith won. And so the Hebrews wondered the desert for 40 years until all the nay-sayers had died off in the desert. After the 40 wandering a new generation of Hebrews returned to the bank of the Jordan River and this time they crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground. As the Hebrew men set out to take Jericho with the 7 day Jericho march, Joshua met Rahab who harbored him. She asked him why they didn’t cross over 40 years earlier. The Canaanites were all sorely afraid of the Hebrews and would have walked off the land giving it to the Hebrews. And so it is today with our walk with the Lord. He has not only promised the Kingdom of Heaven on earth but He also delivered on that promise. Yet for as much as we MAY believe, it is our unfaith that keeps us from receiving what God has already provided. Much like the line of demarcation for the Hebrews was the Jordan River – they could see where they are but not where they were going, so also, we see where we are today and are more unwilling to believe what God said He has promised us. Some would call that the light line or the faith line. We can see up to the faith line but not beyond. To see beyond requires faith that come by hearing, hearing the...

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Pangaea and Peleg

By on Nov 26, 2014 in Carl Bohn | 0 comments

When did the singular land mass (the dry land also known as Pangaea) Break into the seven continents of today? Much speculation surrounds this subject. There are the “old earthers” – evolutionists, the “young earthers” – creationist and a garden variety of inbetweeners. Personally, I am a creationist ascribing to the literal 6-day creation as presented in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. I have a complete study of this subject in draft process. The Flood of Noah’s day came about 1600 years after the Expulsion (of Adam and the woman from Eden.) The Flood was a cataclysmic even that flooded the dry land with the waters above the firmament and the waters under the earth. Form Noah we travel to the time of Abraham. In between we see the rise and fall of Nimrod’s Tower of Babel. Tracing the diaspora of the ancient Babylonians, we see in the record of lineage in the Bibe a person named Peleg. At least in those days, children upon birth were given a name consistent with a significant event of the day. Peleg in the Hebrew means great quaking. Most would marginalize that to mean there was a localized earthquake at the time of Pelegs birth. I don’t think so. I believe this great quaking was world-wide. I believe this is the moment the Dry Land began to break up into the continents we recognize today. Most earth scientists see plate tectonics, the movement of continental plates, as a linear event. I propose an alternate view. Suppose there was a perfectly level straight 1100 mile track with not cracks, hills, bumps, absolutely no irregularities. And, suppose you had a three wheeled cart so designed that it would trace this 1100 mile track with absolute precision that no energy was lost due to direction correction or the turning of the wheels. The only point of contact of the cart to the track would be the nearly razor thin tread of the three wheels of the cart. Challenge: how fast would you have to accelerate the cart with one burst of energy to make the cart travel 1100 miles in about 4000 years that at the end of that 4000 years it would still be...

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613 Points of the Law of Moses

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Most of us are familiar with the first ten points of the Mosaic Law – The Ten Commandments. The remaining 603 laws are broken down into several groups applicable to distinct sections of the Jewish people such as laws for the judges, laws for the priests and so forth. The question is: why the Law? Why was the Law – engraved on stones – given in the first place? Many would say in order to establish a moral compass for society. That’s a workable answer but not the correct answer. Some would say to provide for a sense of order and safety; to provide for civility and legitimacy of the society. That too is a workable answer but again not correct. So why THE LAW? At the time of Moses; stepping back to Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Noah, Enoch and finally Adam there was no rule of order. Sin had not been defined beyond “don’t eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” There was no law about lying, stealing, murdering, spitting on the sidewalk, driving on the correct side of the road or conceding to any indicator of normalcy. Basically, life then was a free-for-all an if-it-feels-good-then-do-it life. There was no consideration for another person or property. So, the LAW. The sole purpose of the LAW of Moses was to bring attention to mankind that its behavior was unacceptable. The Law was designed to raise man’s awareness that he could not live and expect the human race to continue without the intervention of a Savior – Jesus the Christ. The Law was never given with the expectation that ANY man, woman or child could or would ever be able to keep all points of the law for one’s entire life. The Jews tried. They did so by dissecting the law into seemingly manageable pieces; hence the 613 points of the Law. And beyond those points they had developed such a myriad of codes, ordinances and regulations to further compartmentalize the Law more with the intent of creating loopholes through the law in an attempt to obey the law or at least circumvent the Law. The result actually had the reverse effect. Instead of making it easier...

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Hypocrites, All of you!

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As ministers of the Gospel of Jesus, how many of you have encountered that born-again believer who refuses to go to church; often retorting, “why should I? They’re nothing but a bunch of money grabbing hypocrites?” And, my dear apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists he is correct. The most of us are nothing more than two-faced charlatan hypocrites. Let me explain. When a person has that genuine born-again experience a true miracle occurs. He becomes a new creation. If that person is already predisposed to spiritual things, this miracle is more apparent. According to Hebrews 8:10-12 God, the Holy Spirit writes His law on our hearts and puts it in our minds. That means that within each believer IS the entire counsel of God on his heart, in his mind. So, now the Bible become more than a written representation of the spoken WORD of God, it becomes the ultimate reference book a believer can and should use to learn what God has placed within him. That is how many of your parishioners can sit there without their Bible in hand and call you out that you misquoted or misused a scripture. And the thing is they’re correct, again. You did. We did! We all may preach a divine message on the Grace of God, but wipe it out in the end by saying something stupid like. “if you want God to bless (love) you, then you better pay your tithe. (and behind the mic, “so we can pay the mortgage.”- What a bunch of hypocrites. As ministers it is way past time to quit disqualifying our parishioners from the blessing of God and get into the business of qualifying them for the blessing of God, because God has already put it in place for each and everyone of us who suck breathe this very moment. At conception, He places that measure of faith the size of a mustard seed in each of us so each of us would have the faith to believe God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten son to the world, that through His death, burial and resurrection ALL would have the equal opportunity to receive the Blessing of God...

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Prayer Upper Room Church in Uganda

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Julius Okech Pastor at Prayer Upper Room Church in Uganda Thank you for writing to me Pastor Carl, hope you are fine and the family members, we were so blessed by your visit with the team in our church, Prayer Upper Room Church, through your teachings many amazing things have continued to happen here at our church, people started practicing their faith for example we had very few people in church, we stood as a team in faith and started praying about God changing more people and bringing more souls in church, people have come and even as i write now they are still coming, we are expanding on our church due to limited space. This computer is a big blessing to the church, we are able to use it for different church programs, a member of the church decided to buy a modem for the church so as we are able to keep in touch, it is also a practice of faith to the member as he said God plays His part and He also wants us to play ours so by you donating a computer and him hearing about faith decided to donate a modem, we are able to write to you now. Using the word, standing it and commanding has helped many to focus unto the Lord and receive there healing many people are being set free from sicknesses and from the power of the enemy. Many break through taking place in people’s lives. Some church members just got new jobs in the companies through standing in faith and practicing the word of God by confessing upon themselves. People have received maximum rain and are preparing to harvest crops, we remain faithful to His word and He does the rest. We are trusting God to pay for all the remaining funds of the church land. Much blessing and praying for such an opportunity an again. Send our greetings to mama, family and all friends there. Looking upon God in Faith. Pastor Julius Okech Prayer Upper Room Church in...

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