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Partner with us as we travel to Uganda, East Africa January 2013.  We will be ministering daily in Kampala at a conference of pastors and church leaders from many East and Central African nations. The following week we will be ministering at several country churches throughout Uganda and a final service back in Kampala.

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Background: While attending Kenneth Copeland’s 2009 Southwest Believers convention, we met Gerald K.  That year we brown bagged our lunches; at Tuesdays lunch break, we noticed Gerald and asked him what he was doing for lunch.  He indicated he couldn’t so we invited him to join us with our lunch. For the rest of the week he joined us and shared his story of his trip to convention and about his ministry, Alpha Orphanage Project, in Kampala, Uganda.  As the week progressed a significant event occurred that established a particular bond between us.  Friday evening we parted company after we traded names, address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

By Christmas we traded the obligatory Christmas greetings and thought that was pretty much all the contact we would have with him.  Not so; the Holy Spirit had a grander plan in mind.  While we were readying for the day around Thanksgiving time 2011, as we were watching our favorite preachers there was only one theme we were hearing: “FEED THE POOR” – of Africa.  We have never been particularly inspired to partner  with any of those efforts but this time was different.  We sought the Holy Spirit and this is what He told us to do.  He said, “Find the rain!”  So we began studying the world map we have on the wall in our kitchen and we began to recall the reports of flood rains across New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and Southeast Asia.  The we went to Romans 8:19 which say that all creation awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God.  That with the several years of listening to and hearing the WORD concerning the BLESSING as taught by Brother Kenneth Copeland, we stood on Romans 8:19 and ordered the wayward rains to return to Africa, NOW!  Since then we are hearing reports of unusual and out of the ordinary rains all across Africa.  Then the Holy Spirit gave us a very specific 5 point “G.R.A.C.E plan” that would be instrumental in saving not only lives from physical famine but also spiritual famine.  Here’s the plan:

G) End the drought

R) End the famine

A) End the terror

C) Bring peace to the land

E) Bring Jesus to the people.

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We have already activated step “G”.  It is raining in Africa.  When we received this plan I found Gerald’s email address and emailed him what we were about to begin.  That was a Monday.  By Thursday Gerald was calling us from Uganda so excited about the GRACE plan we could hardly understand him  Since then, we have invested a small sum of monies with him.  He has bought six huge backpack 20 gallon agricultural sprayers.  With a second investment, he has bought a 100 sack of bean seeds.  Step “R” has been activated.  They are currently “farming seriously.”

As the beans come to picking, they will have such a bumper crop that the pressures of famine will begin to slip away.  The instruction is that of the first picking Gerald is to set back 10% to be seed for the next planting.  Very quickly the AOP will become economically sufficient that they will become a producer of food crops on the local market.

Now, with the famine and the fear it engenders receding away so will terrorist activity; thusly step “A” is initiated – bringing peace to the land.

Once the drought has been ended; the famine ended; terror ended and peace to the land now Jesus can be introduced as the one who makes the BLESSING happen.

How you can partner: Obviously, we have some very real expenses in making the trip to Uganda and back.  But more importantly there are many partnering opportunities  available: farming implements, seed, more land, transportation – and that’s only the agricultural end of things.  Then there are the educational opportunities: Bibles, textbooks, basic school supplies and facilities. And finally there are basic needs opportunities: school uniforms, adequate clothing and most important – foot wear.

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So many with whom I have already shared this vision respond with the “fish paradigm” – give a man a fish, you have fed him for a day; teach a man to fish you have fed him for a life time.  BUT, there is one key element missing in this paradigm.  He still needs a fishing pole.  So with that paradigm correction we are not asking that any goods and services be sent.  What is better is to provide investment funding so they can buy their own tools, seeds, Bibles, books, clothes. For instance, they do know how to farm but without investment they are reduced to entitlement mentality.

And finally, I have already been rebuked by some that we are investing in Africa but not the United States.  First, consider that Uganda is the poorest nation in the world and the reasons do not matter.  All that matter is the Grace of Jesus can turn a nation around from the brink of utter staving out into a sampling of paradise.  So, the question remains, can this GRACE plan be deployed in the United Sates?  YES, the same way it is being done in Uganda.  Break the spiritual drought the same way the rain drought is broken.  Break the famine; break the reign of terror; bring peace to the land finally bring Jesus to the people.

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