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As ministers of the Gospel of Jesus, how many of you have encountered that born-again believer who refuses to go to church; often retorting, “why should I? They’re nothing but a bunch of money grabbing hypocrites?” And, my dear apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists he is correct. The most of us are nothing more than two-faced charlatan hypocrites. Let me explain.

When a person has that genuine born-again experience a true miracle occurs. He becomes a new creation. If that person is already predisposed to spiritual things, this miracle is more apparent. According to Hebrews 8:10-12 God, the Holy Spirit writes His law on our hearts and puts it in our minds. That means that within each believer IS the entire counsel of God on his heart, in his mind. So, now the Bible become more than a written representation of the spoken WORD of God, it becomes the ultimate reference book a believer can and should use to learn what God has placed within him.

That is how many of your parishioners can sit there without their Bible in hand and call you out that you misquoted or misused a scripture. And the thing is they’re correct, again. You did. We did! We all may preach a divine message on the Grace of God, but wipe it out in the end by saying something stupid like. “if you want God to bless (love) you, then you better pay your tithe. (and behind the mic, “so we can pay the mortgage.”- What a bunch of hypocrites.

As ministers it is way past time to quit disqualifying our parishioners from the blessing of God and get into the business of qualifying them for the blessing of God, because God has already put it in place for each and everyone of us who suck breathe this very moment. At conception, He places that measure of faith the size of a mustard seed in each of us so each of us would have the faith to believe God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten son to the world, that through His death, burial and resurrection ALL would have the equal opportunity to receive the Blessing of God of which salvation and have eternal part.

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