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Right now, look up Genesis 1:28 and Romans 8:19.  Read them out loud and hang on to them; because I am about to tell you a story that brings these two verses to life.

Around Thanksgiving time (USA) of 2011, my wife and I were watching Christian TV.  We flipped through the channels only to hear several prominent Christian ministries running their annual appeal to “feed the starving poor in Africa.”  We looked at each other and asked. “whay after 60 years are we still feed the starving poor in Africa?”  We had heard about the “drought” in Africa, but it still didn’t answer the question.  We had been listening and hearing the teachings of Kenneth Copeland concerning the believer’s authority.  We connected the two verses that we just opened with.

Earlier in August 2009 while at Kenneth Copeland’s Southwest Believer’s Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, we met Gerald.  Gerald is from Uganda and was sort of begging for something to eat.  We invited him to join us for lunch He told us his situation that he had flown in from Entebbe, Uganda to Houston Texas, not knowing he had to get his way to Fort Worth.  That he had spent what money he had to get to Fort worth and had no eating money and needed a way back to Houston.  He had brought some necklaces that Ugandan widows had made that he intended to give as gifts.  But now he was trying to panhandle them off to raise fare money. The ushers came to me and asked me to advise Gerald that his panhandling was not acceptable.  When he told me what was going on, I sought the Holy Spirit for guidance.  The Holy Spirit instructed me to have Gerald select the most valuable necklace; and that he was to run it up to the platform when the next session started (Jerry Savelle) and shout Kate, Kate (Now, Now).  The next day, Gerald came up to me and announced that someone had given him fare to be able to return to Houston and thusly back to Uganda.

Back to Thanksgiving 2011:  We took hold of Romans 8:19.  We had already been standing on that verse in dealing with the tornadoes that would try to manifest over Fort Worth and beyond.  So, we stepped out in faith to go look for the rain that is supposed to be in Africa to end the drought.  But we needed an on the ground contact in Africa..  Gerald and we exchanged emails and phone numbers and made the obligatory “merry Christmas” gretting and not much more.  But now needing a contact I looked up his email address and sent him and email outlining what we were doing.  A few days later he called us from Uganda.  Thus began our work in Africa. We send some seed funds to buy bean seed and back pack sprayers..  Gerald would report back with the progress of our investment then invited us to come to Uganda.  By now it was approaching Thankgiving 2012 so we thought we would make the trip at that time.  Gerald Insisted that we come at the end of January 2013 to speak at his pastors and church leaders conference.  And. so we did.

In my second or third session I was teaching about commanding the rain to come; taking dominion over the rain.  The day had started bright and sunny with only a few scattered clouds.  By the time I was finishing the clouds had built up dark and menacing.  No sooner than I had finished the clouds broke loose and the rain began, not just a drizzle or even a light rain but as a deluge, with hail, lightening and thunder.  So much rain that the church was being flooded.  They look at the rain; they looked at me; and all I could do it point to the Word that works. In that same trip my wife prayed for a couple to be able to become pregnant.  Later I reaffirmed he word that by the end of the month (February 2013) she would be pregnant.  The middle of March 2013, I received and email from her says she was pregnant sick. Just recently (May 2014) I was introduced to the child who was given my namesake.

Now, during our third missions trip to Africa, specifically Kenya, or host be groaned that it hadn’t rained in quite some time and that the maize crop was beginning to wither. While we were driving from Kisumu, just south of the Equator to Kimilili, north of the Equator we stopped in Bumgoma for an early dinner.  As we were sitting eating out dinner, the wind came up and the cloud grew dark and heavy.  Then all of a sudden it burst forth a torrential rain.  It was as if the rain knew we were back in town and that if they didn’t run over and being to rain  we would tell the rain to come in anyway.  It has rained every day since.  Just the other day (May 4th, 2014 I received a call from a Bishop Francis on Mt. Elgon, that it was cool and still raining.

We made a side trip into Uganda this time.  Our first stop was in some remote farming village in southeast Uganda about 4 kilometers inland from Lake Victoria.  The pastor (Michael O) explained that it had not rained in a month or two. and that their maize crop was failing.  We were scheduled to teach there for two days.  We arrived very late the first day that I only  gave a bout an half hour teaching.  The next day I taught one long session.  We had lunch and was asked to continue.  We consulted the Holy Spirit of the matter and he said we were done and to move on. After some dispute that we owed them a second day we finally left.

The next morning, Michael had arrived from his village.  Now, as we were leaving the village the day before, I looked up at the shy and saw the rain clouds coming.  I pointed t o the clouds and told them to hold their rain until we had left the area. (I didn’t want to get stranded on some awful muddy road.  My wife, Michael and Antony (our personal staff) and Julius of our Uganda Team all witnessed and heard my declaration. Michael O. testified that by 8:00 PM that night the rain started so hard that the drought was broken and that the roads were impassable. and that no one would have attended the second day because they were all working the maize fields.

As we were leaving after finishing our third missions trip to Africa, Irene (our host, Michael M’s wife,) told us to leave the rain when we left. for home.  We did; as I mentioned earlier, Bishop Francis says it is cold and still raining on Mt. Elgon.  Kimilili is situated on the southwest slope of My Elgon.

This story demonstrated the power of God’s Word.  It works for the believer; not for the wasungo (Swahili for white man) but for the believer.  This authority is not limited to standing down tornadoes and hurricanes or calling in rain.  The Word of God spoken by the believer also has authority over malaria and cholera.  Irene claims that the city water has cholera in it but as the water passes into her property, the cholera dies. She received the revelation on our last trip (October 2013) that she is healthy only being attacked by malaria and that she doesn’t have to receive it.  She is rich being attacked by poverty.

Since we have been back home (Kingman, Arizona, USA) the understanding of our authority over creation has extended to time and distance.  More on that later.

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