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Today we talked about the “Faith Line”

The Hebrews had just come up from Egypt and were on the east bank of the Jordan River looking into the “Promised Land.” Moses had sent in 12 spies to spy out the land; a land with houses they didn’t have to build, vineyards they didn’t have to plant everything ready for them to walk in and take over. Talk about a turnkey opportunity.

Ten came back with an evil report stating they were as grasshoppers in the sight of the giants who occupied the land; that they (the Hebrews) weren’t a strong enough force to over take the giants. Only two, Joshua and Caleb came back with a good report encouraging the Hebrews to march in and take the land at once. The majority won – unfaith won. And so the Hebrews wondered the desert for 40 years until all the nay-sayers had died off in the desert.

After the 40 wandering a new generation of Hebrews returned to the bank of the Jordan River and this time they crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground. As the Hebrew men set out to take Jericho with the 7 day Jericho march, Joshua met Rahab who harbored him. She asked him why they didn’t cross over 40 years earlier. The Canaanites were all sorely afraid of the Hebrews and would have walked off the land giving it to the Hebrews.

And so it is today with our walk with the Lord. He has not only promised the Kingdom of Heaven on earth but He also delivered on that promise. Yet for as much as we MAY believe, it is our unfaith that keeps us from receiving what God has already provided.

Much like the line of demarcation for the Hebrews was the Jordan River – they could see where they are but not where they were going, so also, we see where we are today and are more unwilling to believe what God said He has promised us. Some would call that the light line or the faith line. We can see up to the faith line but not beyond. To see beyond requires faith that come by hearing, hearing the Word. Only hearing the Word will overcome this unfaith thus opening the window of heaven to receive all that God has provided us for life on this earth.

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