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This do in Remembrance of Me., Teaching note for Sunday 10/16/2011
October 15, 2011 at 7:47pm

When we “take” communion most of us still just go through the motions. We do the same with the tithe. And, usually nothing happens. Why? Because we do not reckon the Word correctly. Jesus says “do this in remembrance of me”. As you study that phrase you will find it means “REMIND ME OF MY LOVE COVENENT WITH YOU.” Abraham used that phrase; Moses used that phrase, Job did and we see the same phrase used in Mal 3:10-11. So in the communion we remind Father that the body of Jesus was broken for our healing; We remind Father that the blood of Jesus was shed for the remission of our sins. In like fashion we must tithe with the same sense of reminding. As we tithe we remind Father to open the windows of Heaven. This is the Blessing, this is grace. Now, the challenge to each of us to dust off all the rites of the church, even being born again and reckon then as a memorial to remind Father of His covenant Love for each of us; that in obeying (following) the steps of Jesus Father IS reminded to bless us. Finally, to tweak the western mindset a bit, the rod and staff of David ARE tools of Grace to the sheep. The rod was used to beat off the enemy not to beat the sheep. The staff was used to rescue the sheep not to strangle them. Father God does the same for us. His rod to beat the devil, the staff to keep us from harms way. Father God so much desired to bless us; let Him, stand in receivership of His Blessing; Remind Him.

In further discussion, tithing has been a spiritual football, at least for me. Throughout Paul’s epistles, he never specifically addresses the tithe. But, does that mean it is past as the Law has been completed and now past? No. In fact Paul does go beyond the tithe. He instructs us to present ourselves a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable, which is our reasonable service. With this , we enter a new realm of memorial. Having done so, now we are tapped into the same “according to His riches in Glory, by Christ Jesus” heavenly storehouse of endless provision.

What does this mean? It means that as the hand, feet and mouth of Jesus, we become the blessing mechanism of the Lord. That means we say, we do, we go the same thing Jesus did, said and went. all according to the riches of the father in heaven.

So, when we are born again, baptized (water and fire), when we partake in communion or tithe or any of the other ordinances of God that Jesus has instructed us to follow in, we are not doing it from our own might but according to God’s riches. Our communion or tithe becomes an act of worship where we allow Father God to demonstrate into our lives His total rest.

The Israelites lost the intent of their feast the same way the church has lost the intent of its ordinances; in that the feasts and ordnances were institutionalized, thus, losing their savor. As disciples of Christ, we must reckon these feasts and ordinances with passion, giving opportunity to God to demonstrate His lavish generosity upon all men by eagerly receiving Him without thought of merit.

So, for all you do, do as unto the Lord. Always allow Him in every moment pour into you the desires of your heart. Then you will be able to go, do, and speak. You will be able to feed the 5000, heal the lame, raise the dead, pay off mortgages, not in your own might but because you have reckoned the Living Word of God, and He supplied all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


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